Australia’s Natural Wonderland: Everything You Need To Know About Eloping In South West WA

October 3, 2023

Victoria Baker


Elopement deep in the Pemberton Karri Forest

If you have a romantic streak and an adventurous spirit, there’s no better place in the world to elope than South West WA — we’ve got it all! The region’s natural beauty is awe-inspiring, and for those willing to take the plunge and travel off the beaten path, you’ll find endless places to explore. If you’re considering eloping in South West WA, we’ve got you covered! 

South West WA is especially great for keen off-roaders, because in addition to the region’s well-known tourist destinations — which are all beautiful — there are also hidden gems known only to locals (and we’d love to take you on an epic adventure to show them to you!). 

We’ve put together this guide on how to elope in Western Australia including essential tips and can’t-miss activities to add to your elopement checklist. Western Australia is waiting to be explored!! 

Mind The Climate: How To Plan Around The Weather In Western Australia

How do you elope in Western Australia? The first step is to prepare for the weather because the climate here does not mess around! Depending on the time of year, South West WA can get extremely hot and surprisingly cold. The best times of the year to get married are October, November, March, and April since these are the months when the weather is mildest.

Spring Awakening In Western Australia

October and November usher in spring in Western Australia, a time when the region truly comes alive! The weather during these months is characterised by gradually warming temperatures, blooming wildflowers, and longer daylight hours. 

This makes spring a really great time for an outdoor adventure elopement in Western Australia. The weather is ideal for spending longer periods of time outdoors exploring, and the longer daylight hours means that there are plenty of opportunities for killer wedding photography!

In the spring, the lush Western Australian landscapes are adorned with colourful wildflowers, which create a picturesque backdrop for your special day, making it a memorable and visually stunning experience.

Autumn’s Subtle Beauty

Autumn is another beautiful time of year for an adventure elopement in Western Australia! Autumn begins in late March or early April, and the new season brings tranquillity and subtlety to the region. The scorching summer heat starts to wane, making the climate more temperate. 

Elopements during this time benefit from cooler temperatures, perfect for those who may not fare well in extreme heat. The landscape retains its beauty, with a more subdued colour palette, creating a serene ambiance for your intimate celebration. 

Autumn in Western Australia creates a contemplative atmosphere that can make your day together feel extra meaningful and enchanting!

Don’t Count Out A Summer Wedding

If you’re a sun worshipper who has their heart set on a summer wedding, we’ve got you covered! We can plan for an incredible summer elopement when putting together one of our all-inclusive elopement packages. WA is beautiful year-round, and a summertime elopement might be a perfect fit for you! 

The important thing to keep in mind is that during the summer months, South West WA can get quite hot and the sun can get very strong. It’s important to bring plenty of water with you when taking an off-roading trip, a hike, or any other outdoor activity. Proper sun protection is also a must! 

Though the heat can be daunting, with proper planning a summer elopement in South West WA is absolutely amazing. We’d love to help you arrange your special day for the summer months if that’s what you’ve got your heart set on!

The Magic Of A Winter Adventure In South West WA

If you love winters and are hoping for a winter elopement in Western Australia, that works too! If you’re prepared for the cold and are ready to take whatever Mother Nature throws your way, then we’d be thrilled to put together one of our all-inclusive elopement holiday packages in Western Australia that’s perfectly curated for you both.

One thing to keep in mind when eloping in South West WA during the winter months is that you might need to adapt your wardrobe to fit with the cooler temperatures. For brides, consider an elegant long-sleeved dress, a warm shawl, and stylish boots to keep you warm and comfortable while exploring the wintery WA landscape while still looking your absolute best. 

For grooms, a suit with a jacket will help you look handsome while keeping out the winter chill. Winters in WA are extremely beautiful, so if you’re ready for a winter adventure elopement, then so are we!

Pro-Tip: Expect The Unexpected

Of course, even with the most careful planning, it’s impossible to predict the weather. But, if something unexpected comes our way, there’s no need to worry — we’ve got contingency plans for all sorts of weather scenarios (and they’re all pretty wild!).

What Are The Steps To Get Married In WA?

Before your adventure elopement in Western Australia begins, we need to take care of that always-exciting legal paperwork. There are some forms and legal requirements every couple needs to have before they’re allowed to legally elope in Western Australia. Here’s a step-by-step guide to everything you’ll need to do!

How Do You Elope In Western Australia?

  • File a Notice of Intended Marriage form:
    The first step to legally elope in Western Australia is to file a Notice of Intended Marriage form. This form should include the name of your celebrant or minister. Also, keep in mind that the Notice of Intended Marriage form needs to be filed at least a month before your wedding date, so be sure to plan ahead!

  • Bring proper ID:
    Couples eloping in Western Australia will need to provide either their birth certificate or passport.

  • Do you need a witness to elope in Australia?
    Yes, to elope in Western Australia, you need two witnesses over the age of 18. Lukas and I are very happy to be your witnesses if necessary!

  • Submit your paperwork:
    Within 14 days of the ceremony, you’ll need to submit your marriage paperwork to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Once they receive the paperwork, they’ll issue you your legal marriage certificate!

  • How much does it cost to elope in Western Australia?
    It all depends on what you’re looking for! Elopements in Western Australia can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be. For more pricing info, you can check out our all-inclusive elopement packages in Western Australia, or feel free to get in touch and send us an inquiry any time!

Don’t stress if this seems like a handful right now — most of the legal requirements are done and dusted before your elopement! The additional legal bits on your elopement day can be done in a really informal manner (on a tree stump or whatever nature provides us with)! 

If you need help at any point in the process, we can provide you with a checklist for Western Australian weddings that guides you through the necessary requirements. We’re also available if you have any questions! 

Location, Location, Location: The Incredible Biodiversity of South West WA

South West WA is world-renowned as a biodiversity hotspot, and for good reason: One of the most amazing things about South West WA is the incredible variety of landscapes, climates, and environments you’ll encounter throughout a region. 

When you’re getting married in WA the possibilities are endless, but here are some highlights of the South West region that are ideal for adventure elopements! Some of them are well-known locations, while others lie off the beaten path and are a perfect destination for couples who are wild at heart with a penchant for extraordinary adventures.

Stunning Coastlines

Along the coastline of South West WA, you can find captivating shores and gorgeous white beaches alongside turquoise waters. Injidup and Smiths are amazing beaches to exchange vows on your Yallingup elopement.

Couples considering a Margaret River elopement will also find their fair share of beautiful coastlines, but travel farther inland and the beaches will give way to rolling green hills filled with gorgeous wineries, parks, and forests to explore.

The Karri Forests

One of the natural treasures of South West WA is its Karri forests. These stunning forests of towering hardwood trees can only be found in the South West corner of WA, and their beauty needs to be seen to be believed. 

In Boranup Forest, you can find the most beautiful karri spots. The Karri trees create a natural canopy that’s perfect for exchanging wedding vows. It’s especially magical when the sunlight streams in through the trees!

A bit further south in Pemberton, couples can delve deeper into the Karri forests by taking the Karri Forest Explorer Drive, a self-guided tour that takes you through some of the most beautiful forest locations, with plenty of hiking trails, waterfalls, and breathtaking views along the way.

There’s truly something for everyone in South West WA, but no matter what sort of adventure elopement you’re looking for, we’re ready! Some of the best places to elope in Western Australia are a bit off the beaten path and hard to get to, but that’s where we come in! 

Stick with us and we’ll guide you to some true hidden gems of the region perfect for an adventure elopement unlike any other.


The Margaret River side of The Cape boasts raw and diverse coastlines with huge boulders and layers of limestone that are astonishing — really showing off South West WA’s natural history! 


Cruising deep into the karri forest towards the Warren River is like driving through a picture-perfect postcard — it’s also an awesome spot to wed!

Add in the magnificent Yeagarup Dunes in Pemberton and you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped through a wormhole to another planet — the drive up onto the dunes is an adventure in itself! The largest land-locked dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, they tower above forests, giving the landscape a surreal beauty that also makes for some fantastic wedding photos.

What Is The Best Time To Elope In Western Australia?

The best elopement photos are taken during golden hour, which occurs one hour before sunset. Depending on the time of year, sunset ranges from 5pm to 7:30pm. This is definitely important to keep in mind since golden hour photos have a special magic to them that makes elopement photos extra striking!

Let The Adventure Begin!

If you’re considering eloping in South West WA, please get in touch any time! Together we can start planning an epic, all-inclusive adventure elopement package that’s curated just for you. 

South West WA truly has something for everyone, so no matter what sort of adventure you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it here! We’ll visit some of the region’s essential landmarks, uncover some hidden gems, and help create the elopement of your dreams in one of the most spectacular places on Earth.

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