Should We Elope?

July 23, 2023

Victoria Baker


Yeagarup Dunes Elopement

All your Elopement Questions Answered

Welcome to The Wild Elopement Co blog!! We are hoping that this blog will act as a valuable resource to all you eloping lovers out there!!

So first things first, your eloping questions answered!!

2.Q. Should we elope? A. Haha there is no straight answer to that! This is a decision that only YOU can make. These may help… PROS – a)With weddings in Australia now costing somewhere in the region of $30 – 60k, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper! b)You can just do YOU! In terms of location, food, time of day etc… 4)NO HASSLE or STRESS (Particularly if you book with TWEC!!) 5)You can read your personal vows just to each other making it a beautifully intimate occasion. CONS a) Your nearest & dearest will not be there!! Nobody to walk you down the aisle or to cheer you on! If the idea of this fills you with dread, then maybe an elopement isn’t for you!! Having said that, there is plenty of movement inside the spectrum. An elopement with just you two being at one end and a big wedding at the other. What about something a micro wedding with a few close family members? This could tick all the boxes! At The Wild Elopement Co, we can include up to around 10 guests.

2. Q. So literally all we have to do is turn up? A. Pretty much yes! There is a little bit of paperwork required by your celebrant. To legally elope in Western Australia, you first need to file a Notice of Intended Marriage form at least a month before the wedding date – which means you need to plan ahead! This form should include the name of your celebrant or minister. You’ll also need to provide your birth certificate or passport. After the ceremony, you have 14 days to submit your marriage paperwork to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Then, they’ll issue you with your legal marriage certificate. But yes that’s pretty much it. Everything else, we can do for you!!

3. Q. What is the approximate cost of eloping? A. Eloping can be a way more cost-effective option compared to traditional weddings. You only actually need a celebrant to officially get wed!! But if you want something truly memorable, anything from about 5k is realistic. Expenses can vary based on location, travel, accommodation, and additional services you choose to include. Still it’s a bit drop from $35K which is the average amount spent on a wedding in Australia. Here at the wild elopement co, our focus is on creating epic experiences which in turn craft lifelong memories. We want your day to be AMAZING!! Create a realistic budget, prioritise what matters most to you and go from there!

4. Q. How can we make our elopement unique & memorable? A. a) Make an adventure out of it (We will do this for you!) b) A cake for 2 (We can sort this) c) Bring your pets (Speak to us first about logistics as dogs not allowed in National Parks!) d)Tie the knot with a pagan hand tying ceremony e)Write your own personal vows f)Surprise your other half. This could be a singing them a song or pulling something out of the bag which is perfectly you two!!

5. Q. Can we bring our dog? A. Although we 100% approve, there are some factors to take into consideration. As mentioned above, dogs are not allowed in National Parks. If you want your dog at your ceremony, then a simple option would be to have your ceremony somewhere else. This could be a dog friendly beach such as Gnarabup or Prevelly near margaret River. There’s another catch though, dogs are not allowed to be left, nor would you want to leave them in your airbnb. Think carefully whether having your fur baby at your wedding is worth the crazy logistics. Luckily there are now a few companies to the rescue. Furry Fit and All 4 Pets both offer petting services and come highly recommended, leaving you to enjoy your day knowing that pooch is in the best hands possible!!

6. Q. How do I scout the locations we want? A. In short… You don’t need to, because we’ve done it for you!! The Wild Elopement Co came to be because we believe that your elopement should be hassle and stress free!! We have an absolute abundance of local knowledge up our sleeves and whether you’re into oceans, forest, farmland or a bit of everything – we know of some pretty epic spots!! Having said that, if you’ve got somewhere in mind which for whatever reason is off our radar, we’re all ears!!!

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