An Elopement Shoot in Pemberton

June 7, 2024

Victoria Baker

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Couple on Yeagarup Dunes

Hitomi & James’ Mystical Nature Elopement Shoot in Pemberton.

Hitomi and James’ elopement shoot in Pemberton was epic! It all started when they met on an online dating app. They couldn’t have imagined the adventure that lay ahead. Their first dinner date at a Japanese restaurant marked the beginning of a beautiful journey. With James working FIFO, their relationship blossomed through countless messages and video calls on Facebook Messenger. Eventually, they moved in together, building a life full of love and shared moments.

In November 2022, James proposed at the beach where they had their second date. It was a perfect setting, brimming with nostalgia and romance. While they initially planned to elope, they decided on a traditional Japanese wedding in Tokyo, Hitomi’s home city, allowing all their families to celebrate their union. However, their dream of an Australian celebration led them to Pemberton for an intimate elopement shoot, where they stayed and dined at Jaspers.

Exploring the Mystical Karri Forest

We took Hitomi and James on an incredible adventure, starting in the mystical Karri Forest. Known for its towering karri trees, which can reach up to 90 metres tall, this forest creates an otherworldly atmosphere, making it feel like you’re stepping into a fairy tale. The forest is crisscrossed by log roads, accessible only via 4WD, adding an adventurous twist to the journey.

Conquering the Yeagarup Dunes

Whilst Lukas let the tyres down (essential for getting up the dunes), we ventured to Yeagarup Lake. The lake, crystal clear and freezing, is absolutely huge despite the summer’s lack of rain. Hitomi and James marveled at its serene beauty before continuing their journey to the dunes.

We headed up onto the Yeagarup Dunes, an endless sea of sand that attracts 4WD enthusiasts from miles away. The dunes are the largest land-locked mobile dune system in the southern hemisphere, stretching over 10 kilometres. Lukas, an expert at navigating the challenging terrain, ensured a smooth and thrilling ride. Hitomi and James marveled at the expansive views and the unique beauty of the dunes. The vast, rolling landscape that created such a fun and adventurous vibe. It was the perfect playground for them, and they had the best time exploring and enjoying the stunning views.

Each location offered its own unique charm, from the tranquil beauty of the forest to the exhilarating adventure of the dunes.

Their day concluded with their stay at Jaspers Cabins The 3 cabins, nestled in the heart of the idyllic country town of Pemberton, offer a perfect blend of comfort and nature. The dining at Jaspers Restaurant was a highlight, featuring a whisky bar and a menu emphasising seasonal and local produce. They savoured dishes like slow-cooked lamb shoulder and fresh, local seafood, perfectly paired with regional wines.

Hitomi & James’ celebration perfectly captured their adventurous spirits and deep connection, seamlessly merging the enchantment of Japanese tradition with the rugged allure of Australian wilderness.

Congratulations, Hitomi & James! Here’s to more adventures!

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