10 Unique Ways To Elope In South West Australia

April 24, 2024

Victoria Baker


Few places on earth offer as many opportunities for completely stunning and unforgettable adventure elopements as South West Australia! In fact, there are so many unique ways to elope in South West Australia that it can often be hard to know where to begin.

Elope on the Yeagarup Dunes

The region is a natural wonderland with a breathtaking variety of ecosystems and climates — from epic coastlines to deep, mysterious forests. The sheer scale of biodiversity and variety means no matter what you’re looking for in an adventure elopement, South West Australia is guaranteed to have something that perfectly matches your vision. 

With a lifetime of adventuring in South West Australia, combined with extensive experience in elopement photography, we know this kaleidoscopic paradise intimately — including some secret views that require insider knowledge to access. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most thrilling and one-of-a-kind adventure elopement experiences that South West Australia has to offer. Here are 10 unique ways to elope in South West Australia!

1. Explore the majestic Boranup Forest

Located in South West Australia’s Margaret River region, Boranup Forest is one of the world’s great natural marvels. 

The towering Karri trees (only found in South West Australia) are magnificent and a symbol of nature’s resilience — despite a bushfire sweeping through the region two years ago, miraculously, the forest regenerated. 

Boranup Forest is downright magical from June to November — coming alive with a burst of colours and stunning beauty — offering a one-of-a-kind sensory experience for your adventure elopement!

2. Immerse yourself in Pemberton Karri Forest

Boranup Forest isn’t the only place to see the Karri trees. Pemberton Forest, located in Gloucester National Park, is home to some truly enormous Karris along the Warren River. 

The massive trees, known as “the giants,” can reach heights of over 75 metres! If you’re wondering how to make an elopement special, we definitely recommend exchanging your vows beneath these towering woodland titans. 

With our insider knowledge on the best locations, we’ll take you on a wild adventure to hard-to-reach areas that can be impossible to find for people unfamiliar with the region! Lukas, your skilled navigator, will reveal the most incredible spots for an unforgettable elopement experience. You’re in safe hands — all you need to do is soak in every thrilling moment!

3. Discover adventure in the Yeagarup Dunes

If you’re looking for adventure elopement ideas that will satisfy your wanderlust and love of exploration, an adventure elopement in the Yeagarup Dunes has everything you need! 

This vast landscape of rolling dunes (the largest landlocked dunes in the southern hemisphere) is, in a word, epic. One look at this breathtaking sand dune towering over the trees below and you’ll be dreaming about this place for the rest of your life. 

People come from all over to combat getting up on to the dunes — getting here is a four-wheel driver’s ultimate challenge! Lukas has a world of experience though, so you’re in safe hands. 

We especially recommend holding your adventure elopement in the Yeagarup Dunes around sunset, when the sky puts on an especially amazing technicolour show.

4. Experience the coastal wilderness of Margaret River

Margaret River offers a slightly different type of adventure in South West Australia. In addition to the unforgettable Boranup Forest, Margaret River is home to some truly epic South West coastline! 

Your navigator, Lukas, has a lifetime experience as a four-wheel-driver and he’ll be happy to guide you through the rugged terrain on an off-road journey to some of the Margaret River’s most beautiful scenery and world-class beaches. 

From ancient boulders to limestone cliffs, we’ll take you to secret spots that offer some of the most breathtaking views in all of Australia. So, if you’re looking for elopement ceremony ideas that create the perfect romantic atmosphere for exchanging vows, get in touch and let’s start planning! 

5. Go for rustic charm with our intimate Farm Package

If you’re looking for unique elopement ideas that are a little more laid back and tranquil, we definitely recommend checking out our Farm Package. The cute rustic cabin, located in Nannup, is nestled amongst rolling hills, the Blackwood River and, of course, cows. 

6. Blend your elopement and honeymoon together

There are so many adventures to discover in South West Australia that you’ll definitely want to stick around and explore as much as you can. A honeymoon in South West Australia doesn’t just mean breathtaking natural beauty — it also means plenty of delicious food! 

From craft beers and local wines to fresh seasonal produce, South West Australia has everything you need for an incredible celebration.

Here are just a few of our favourite venues:

In Pemberton:

In Margaret River:

In Nannup:

7. Elevate your experience by booking yourself on a tour

A guided tour from a local expert is a perfect way to immerse yourself in everything South West Australia has to offer. There are countless amazing and unique tour experiences in the region, but we have a few favourites.

Jesters Flat

In the tiny town of Rosa Brook, you can enjoy a variety of guided tours — including a wine tour on horseback, beach rides, and treks to secluded pools — with Jesters Flat, a working farm and vineyard which is as thrilling as it is beautiful!

Margaret River Vintage Wine Tours

Explore the vineyards of Margaret River’s gorgeous wine country and taste some of the best regional wines South West Australia has to offer.

Abseiling Tours

For the truly adventurous souls out there, abseiling in Margaret River is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill. Climb up some vertical rock faces and take in Margaret River as you’ve never seen it before.

Three Tanks Cycling

Three Tanks — run by us! — gives you the opportunity to mountain bike on some of the coolest trails in Nannup, including the legendary Tank 7, home to some of the best downhilling in all of Australia.


A tour of this distillery in Margaret River offers a peek behind the curtain of how some of the best gin and whisky in the region gets made.

Margaret River Surf School

The Margaret River Surf School teaches you everything you need to know to get up close and personal with the waves off the stunning Margaret River beach and coastline.

Yallingup Surf School

Yallingup is another excellent surf school in the Margaret River region!

Bush Tucker Tour

This combination canoeing and wine-tasting tour down the Margaret River offers one-of-a-kind vistas and unforgettable flavours in equal measure.

Ziplining in Pemberton

No elopement in South West Australia would be complete without spending a day flying across the region on a zipline. Pemberton is a particularly great place for ziplining — those gigantic Karri trees make it especially easy to take in the region from hundreds of metres in the air!

8. Write personal vows 

One surefire way to make sure your elopement ceremony in South West Australia is unlike any other is to speak from the heart and express your vows in your own unique words. As a bonus, if you write your vows in a custom vow book, you’ll be able to save your words as a keepsake forever!

9. Include your favourite cocktail or have a wedding cake for two!

Do the two of you have a favourite drink that you love sharing? Want to have an awesome wedding cake for two? Consider including this in your elopement ceremony or later on whilst the sun is going down! 

Whether it’s your favourite tipple or something edible, this is sure to elevate the whole experience and make it even more memorable. It’s an extremely fun (and delicious) way to make the ceremony truly your own and reflect who you are as a couple!

10. Dog-friendly options

Your fur babies are an important part of your family, so we understand that you’ll want to include them in your South West Australia adventure elopement! 

Of course, travelling with a dog requires a bit of planning (keep in mind dogs aren’t allowed in National Parks) but we’ll work together to find the perfect dog-friendly location — such as a beach to enjoy the sunset — so that your little partner in crime can be part of the big day! 

And if they’re unable to join for specific moments, we’ll make sure they’re well looked after (or even pampered) with a pet sitter — just ask us for our list of recommended sitters.

Let The Adventure Of A Lifetime Begin!

When you’re planning an adventure elopement in South West Australia, the only limit is your imagination. There’s so much to do and to see in this special part of the world, and no matter what your vision is for your dream adventure elopement, there’s a way to make it a reality here.

If you’re considering an adventure elopement in South West Australia, reach out any time and say hello! Let’s chat and start planning your day. Our all-inclusive elopement packages in South West Australia are custom-made to meet all of your needs and exceed all your expectations. 

Let us know what you’re planning and we’ll work together to create a truly unique adventure elopement in South West Australia that’s completely authentic to you and your one-of-a-kind love story.

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