The Wild – An Elopement Package in Margaret River

June 17, 2024

Victoria Baker

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Elopement in Margaret River

The Beginning

Ebony & WIll’s epic elopement adventure! From uni mates to lifelong soulmates, their journey began through a mutual friend at university. Both a bit shy, it took a while before their first kiss – with a little help from some liquid courage!

Fast forward to their 10th anniversary, and Will proposed during their annual medieval faire weekend, a tradition they cherish each year, in Balingup.

The Elopement Celebration

For their elopement, Ebony and Will stayed at the serene 8Paddocks. This secluded accommodation offers a peaceful escape surrounded by nature, complete with the charming company of cows that you can even feed! The cosy, well-appointed cabins provide the perfect setting for a romantic getaway, allowing couples to unwind and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful, rural environment.

Ebony carried a stunning bouquet featuring native flowers like Proteas and Banksias. These unique-looking flowers added a striking element to their wedding, with their bold forms and colours creating a vibrant contrast. The bouquet also included stocks, which continue to bloom into the season, providing sweet-smelling, pastel-coloured flowers. They also had lovely keepsake vow booklets, adding a personal and intimate touch to their ceremony.

Elopement Adventure in Boranup Forest

Ebony & Will decided to elope to keep things low-key and avoid the fuss of a big wedding. Being introverted and having family spread across the globe, eloping was the perfect stress-free choice. They felt that an adventure would be the perfect way to kick start their marriage!

This adventure started in Boranup Forest, where Ebony & Will had their ceremony. The forest, characterised by its new growth, has remarkably bounced back after a significant bushfire a few years ago. The sight of the rejuvenated forest, with its lush greenery and towering karri trees, is a powerful reminder of nature’s capacity to heal and thrive.

During their ceremony, Ebony and Will toasted with the dregs of their 12-year-old bottle of Bundaberg rum, which had been patiently waiting in the drinks cabinet since their student days when they shared their first kiss. They also included a handfasting ceremony, symbolising their commitment and unity in a beautifully intimate way.

4WD Elopement Adventure to Margaret River’s Coastline

After some time immersing themselves and feeling all those newlywed feels in the forest, we took them on a thrilling 4WD journey to the stunning coastline of Margaret River. The difference in the rock formations from the granite boulders to limestone cliffs highlights the huge changes in the landscape over time, showcasing a dramatic natural beauty of the area. Despite the long, sandy track, the remoteness of this location draws keen fishermen and adventurers alike, offering a sense of untouched wilderness.

Dining at Morries

After a day filled with exploration, Ebony and Will dined at Morries in Margaret River town. This tapas bar welcomed them with incredible cocktails which we had pre-ordered, and we left them there to enjoy, providing the perfect ending to their day. The warm, inviting atmosphere of Morries allowed the couple to relax and enjoy a delicious meal, adding yet another special moment to their unforgettable adventure.

Ebony and Will’s story is a beautiful reminder of the magic that happens when two people connect, explore, and grow together.

Congratulations, Ebony & Will!

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